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Choose your Escape Room in Haifa

Escape Room – the game that conquered the world, has arrived in Israel. All you have to do is choose the Escape Room you like on the site and start playing!

You will solve riddles, open doors and continue running until you’re out.

 Quest Room - The Best Escape Rooms in Haifa

The Game: Escape Room has arrived in Haifa and Krayot! You have a total of 60 minutes to solve the mystery or find the murderer in order to dismantle a bomb or rob a bank and of course succeed to escape from a locked room. All this happens in a real life, crazy world that we have built for you! All you need is a winning team, teamwork and creative thinking! Every decision you make will affect the game. When the door locks behind you, you will find that you have reached a different reality!


Great experience

Creative thinking


Don’t know what to organize for a friend’s birthday? The proposal? Date night? Forming a team?QuestRoom promises that you will be talking about this experience for years! Mystery, excitement, collaboration and unexpected results await you beyond the door!

Do you always figure out who the bad guy in the movie is before anyone else does? Would you like to become a detective or a cop for one day and unravel the mysteries? People tell you that you think in an original way? Quest Room is the game for you! You don’t need strength, only serious thought, attention to detail and a lot of creativity!

Friends, family, partners, coworkers - who is your "dream team"? Choose up to 5 people and you will enter into an experience that will change your life! In QuestRoom, you only have 60 minutes to solve all the riddles and mysteries, and maybe even challenge your opponents who will complete the challenges first!

Feedback from participants

חוות דעת של אורחים על חדרי בריחה

Wow ... it was really cool and fun! Thank you for a lovely team! This is not the first room I visited but it was a very special atmosphere. Most of the time where I was really tense and I still do not exactly know where the keys have fallen all sorts of doors opened and how!

Anna Godes

חוות דעת של לקוחות על חדר בריחה

Awesome idea, a fun experience for anyone who loves challenges! It is creative and thought-provoking! Recommended for those who want a group experience in a new way!

Alice Goryunkova

חוות דעת של אורחים על אסקייפ רום

Amazing! Fun, challenging, interesting and unusual. The room is amazing, outstanding performance, warm attitude. Highly recommend :) :) Go for it! It has met all expectations and more. All of my respect goes to the creators! 



What to bring?

Creative thinking and a winning team! Phones, cameras, pens, and the rest remain locked up outside. 


Is it dangerous?

No. We are closely following you throughout the game. If you need something just ask, and we'll help immediately.


How do I register?

Register on and sign up online.  You can also call our office: 04-300-5001.

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